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Hostel Rules

Hostel Rules

The Residents of the Hostels and their Parents/Guardians are required to read carefully and follow all the Hostel Rules strictly.

Allotment of Rooms

  • Rooms are allotted on the basis of the criteria / procedure laid down by the authorities from time to time. No change of room will be effected during continuity of the session.
  • The students at the time of admission to the hostel must show the receipt of the Hostel fee and Room rent paid to the Warden to his / her satisfaction and unless and until it is done the occupation of any accommodation within the hostel shall not be allowed.
  • Students are to bring their own beddings, mattresses, bed-sheets, blankets, mosquito nets, towels, clothes, plastic buckets, mug, bathing items, spoons and other room utensils etc., for their use on arrival. They are allowed to take back these articles on completion of their course/vacating the hostel or as the conditions apply.
  • All the students are required to clear all their dues regarding mess/canteen bills by 7th of each month positively, failing which they will be liable to be suspended from the classes.


  • The parents will write to the Principal, at the time of hostel admission the names of relatives, mentioning specifically the relations of the persons who would visit the Girls Hostel. The Warden will have the right to allow any inescapable or official visitor(s) as and when required.
  • Any hostler, who wants to go home for any reason, should first obtain the Principal’s permission and on the basis thereof she will seek the Warden’s permission under acquiescence of the Principal to leave the hostel, failing which the entire responsibility of such negligence shall rest entirely on the student and the parents concerned.
  • No male student(s) will be permitted in the Girls Hostel at any instant, with any excuse including any celebration such as Holi or Deewali etc.
  • No student shall permit any stranger/friend/relative/outsider/unauthorized person to live in her room even for a short period, and if found so, the student shall make herself liable for any stern action against her including her expulsion from the hostel.
  • Visitors can be met and disposed off during the permissible visiting hours from the ‘Visiting Room’ of the hostel. Visitors as well as the hostellers are not permitted to visit other rooms without the permission of the Warden.

Leaving the Hostel

  • Residents are required to write their name and address on the register maintained for the purpose with the Warden before leaving for outstation on week-ends/holidays etc.
  • Any hosteller can be removed from the hostel by the parents by applying to the Principal explaining the requisite reason. However the parents/hostler shall be liable to pay the Hostel rent/Mess charges as decided by the Warden/ Principal.
  • No resident of the hostel will be absent from the hostel without the written permission of the Warden/Superintendent. Residents wishing to visit friends or relative, acceptable by the parents, even on holidays shall first obtain written permission from the Warden.
  • Residents, who wish to remain absent from the hostel after the closing times of the gates (8.00 p.m. in the summer 7.00 p.m. in the winter), except on College/Hospital duty shall obtain a permit from the Warden to do so and shall sign the register kept by the Warden stating the purpose & the place where they are going and the expected time of their return to the hostel. Permission to leave the hostel may ordinarily be obtained from the Warden/Superintendent during the time notified by the Warden.
  • Illness must be reported to the Warden by the student concerned at once. If leave is availed on Medical ground, a Medical Certificate and a Fitness Certificate are to be produced from the treating Doctor before resuming to attend the hostel again.
  • All leave applications are to be submitted to the Principal in person before the commencement of their classes.
  • All leave applications should be endorsed by the Warden/Superintendent before forwarding them to the Principal for approval.
  • Absenting from the hostel without requisite permission shall be viewed seriously and stern administrative action will be taken against the absentees.

General Rules

  • None of the residents shall create any disturbance or nuisance for the fellow students by rushing about or shouting in the stairs/corridors, or by playing radio/stereo/VCR/Mobile phone etc., at late hours / during night.
  • Any student found in possession of or having taken alcoholic drink of any kind or narcotic/ intoxicating drugs will be expelled from the hostel.
  • Ragging is a legal crime, and any body found indulging in the activity of ragging will render student liable for expulsion from the hostel forthwith.
  • Residents are not to destroy/damage/remove any property or item of the hostel. The residents will be held fully responsible for any losses or damage to the furniture / fixture or electrical appliances / fitting etc., provided in the hostel. They are to keep their rooms and surroundings neat and clean. Suitable fine will be imposed on the offenders. If the crime or damage remains undetected or unidentified, a common punishment of suitable fine will be imposed against the inmates of the particular room. (However, this is the duty of the Warden to be vigilant to execute proper discipline in the hostel and to identify the offender(s) of any kind. It is also advisable that in case any of the inmate informs about the offender to the Warden/Principal to avoid/evade the general fine, the source of such information shall not be revealed to any one else.)
  • All lights and fans must be switched off before leaving the room(s), failing which suitable fine will be imposed for each item which is found to be on while the room is locked.

General Rules

  • Use of electric heater or any other electrical appliances which are run on power current, are not allowed in the rooms or elsewhere in the hostel. Any body found violating this rule will be subjected to suitable fine along with confiscation of such electrical apparatus. For the use of Air-cooler/Heater/Refrigerator etc., prior written permission from the Principal must be obtained.
  • Students, if insist to keep expensive / gold items in their room(s), they must get them insured. The institution shall not be responsible in case of theft of any kind.
  • Collective representations are forbidden. No one is permitted to speak or act for and on behalf of any one else.
  • Hostellers are forbidden to paste posters, draw pictures or write names on the walls, stairs, furniture etc. They shall also not hammer nails on the walls.
  • Hostellers are not permitted to hang more than one set of clothes in and around the rooms. They are not supposed to hang around their clothes in the bathroom. All the clothes are to be washed, dried and to be kept neatly in their boxes/cupboards.
  • All the hostellers shall wear simple clothes/dresses in the hostel premises. Wearing of gaudy/garish dresses in the hostel is not permitted.
  • Hostellers are forbidden to stand or roam un-necessary in the verandahs/balconies of their room/hostel building.
  • All the rules as laid above are binding / mandatory to be abided by every resident/hosteller, and any body found violating any of the above rules shall render herself to be Fined or Expulsion from the hostel, or both.


  • No student/resident shall behave roughly with the mess/canteen/hostel employees. Any complaint arising against an erring employee must be brought to the notice of Warden.
  • All the residents are supposed to take meals in the mess and not to carry the food in their room(s).
  • Hostellers are not permitted to throng/crowd at the gate or the hostel mess before or after taking their meals. They shall also refrain entering un-necessarily in the Dinning Hall unless during the meal timings.
  • Unless otherwise altered by the Warden, following mess timings should be strictly followed:-
  • Break-fast 7.30 am to 9.30 am.
  • Lunch 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm.
  • Dinner 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm.
  • The hostel mess shall serve the Vegetarian Food only. Use of Non-vegetarian food / Alcoholic beverages / Narcotic drugs etc., is strictly forbidden.


  • Hostellers are distinctly informed that any indiscipline in the hostel will tantamount to their removal from the hostel and the hostellers once removed from the hostel will automatically be expelled from the institution too and they are bound to vacate the hostel within stipulated period ordered by the Warden/Principal.
  • Similarly, hostellers once suspended from the institution on any disciplinary grounds, shall automatically be expelled from the hostel too and they are bound to vacate the hostel as ordered by the Warden/Principal.


  • It shall be the duty of every student to inform their parents regarding all the activities whatsoever of the college/circulars/notices/ including fee-demands, imposed-fines, vacations, holidays, date-sheets, examinations, results, functions, seminars, medical-camps, tours etc., notified from time to time either in the college or in the hostel.
  • The Principal reserves the right and authority to expel a hosteller at any time from the hostel with or without even assigning any reason whatsoever and Principal is also authorized to add or alter any rule from time to time, with or without notice to the students or their parents.
  • Principal is also empowered to alter the hostel fee subject to the requirements and he has the disciplinary powers to close down the hostel at any time if necessary.

    Hostellers are bound to obey the instructions of the Principal without any arguments in the matter.
  • The detail of the Hostel / Mess Fees shall be decided every year as per the instructions laid down by the affiliating university.

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